Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ask a naturopath!

Our beautiful Naturopath friends Sally James & Nick Foley are running a great website called Ask a Naturopath

They started this website out of a passion to share the Natural Health knowledge and information they have gathered over almost twenty years. Since 2008 they have received emails from people all over the world with various questions about their own personal health 
issues. From the answers provided a database of over 500 natural health advice articles has been compiled and is available to search for free. 

However now that Nick and Sally have started a family with two young boys to take care of, they don't have as much free time so personal questions are now answered only by donation. 

Check this out and share with your friends. It's always great to know a very reliable Naturopath that you could contact when you need help!

私たちの素敵なナチュロパスのお友達ニックとサリーが とっても役に立つ自然療法アドバイスのウェブサイとを提供しています。 (英語のみです)


病院や薬局に行く前に 是非自分たちで出来る限りの事を自然な方法で試したい人、日頃から免疫力を高めた生活をしたい人などにお勧めです。

気になった事や 本当に助けが必要な時にすぐに聞ける信頼できるナチュロパスの方が側にいるとありがたいですよね。500件以上の過去のアドバイスから簡単にフリーでサーチできると共に、少しのドネーションでプライベートな細かい質問にまでアドバイスしてくれます。



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