Thursday, 22 August 2013

Superkraut rice recipe

Japanese(nori rolls) meets German(sauerkraut) in Byron Bay(Superkraut)

We have been enjoying this amazing raw Superkraut created by Peace Love & Vegetables - a beautiful family in Byron Bay.

It's so easy to add to any type of food and also fun to experiment creating a new dish with!

The Superkraut tastes very familiar to me as I grew up with so many different kinds of fermented food & pickles. My mum used fermented foods almost for every meal which is very common in Japan. Similar to my partner who grew up with traditional sauerkraut in Germany. Even though this Superkraut is completely different to any of the Japanese or German fermented stuff we still feel very much related!

We've been making special rice with Seaweed Superkraut. We love making nori rolls, hand rolls, rice salad, rice balls with this special rice or just enjoy as it is. Our kids are absolutely loving this rice and can never get enough, which is great to see!

Get your ingredients 

2 cups Any kind of your favourite rice (we use short grain organic brown rice)
1/2 cup Grains - quinoa, amaranth, millet... etc

1/2 cup  Superkraut
1/2 cup  Your favourite mixed sprout - mungbeans, lentils, alfalfa, broccoli ...etc

1tbsp  Tamari or Bragg soy protein
1tbsp  Toasted sesame oil 
1tbsp  Hemp nuts
*optional  Handful of shiso (Japanese basil) 

Let's cook

1) Cook rice with grain or without.

2) Mix the rest of the ingredients together in a bowl

3) Let rice & grains cool down

4) Mix #2 in to the cooked rice


Serve as is or with Tempe, baked or steamed veggies; also really good to make nori rolls with this rice!!

Thanks to 'Peace Love & Vegetables' for creating an amazingly easy & healthy option for a mother to prepare and for kids & all family + friends to bliss out!

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