Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Melting hot chocolate - healthy & guilt free! ヘルシー ☪✲ メルティング ホットチョコレート

I’m not a big fan of chocolate, but I love rich healthy raw chocolate because it gives me a little kick start without through me up and down like sugar does.

If you are looking for a warm nourishing drink in the morning or for afternoon tea(other than Ayurvedic Chai or Lemon honey tea ) this is the one. Full of antioxidant, magnesium, calcium, minerals! Also it can be a good alternative option for who are ready to giving up the morning coffee routine. Could be a quick sweets craving fix as well.

Very simple, get a good quality organic ingredients, it make s a huge difference and don’t be nervous about getting all those ingredients, great to have them in your pantry for all of our other yummy recipes!
Warm up




Ingredients from the earth

❉ 1 tsp  Raw cacao powder 
❉ 1 tsp  Cinnamon powder 
❉ 1 tsp  Mesquite powder 
❉ Pinch of Cardamon powder 
❉ 1tsp  *Date syrup or maple or coconut nectar            
(I love date syrup so much at the moment even not a big fan of dates!) 
❉ a mag of Almond, Oat, Rice milk any of your favourite or combination of milk
❉ 小さじ1  ローカカオパウダー 
❉ 小さじ1  シナモンパウダー 
❉ 小さじ1  メスキートパウダー 
❉ 小さじ1  デイツシロップ、ピュアメープルシロップ、ココナッツネクター  
❉ マグカップ8分目 アーモンド、ライス、オートミルクなどお好みのミルクを一つ選ぶかコンビネーションで。

Let’s get started

Warm up your milk in the milk pan with low heat
Mix all ingredients in your favourite mag
Pour your milk into the mag & mix really well



Ingredients info  材料の含む栄養分

Cacao ∴  Magnesium, antioxidant

Mesquite  Magnesium, Low Gl, Calcium, Amino acid 

Date syrup ∴ Fiber, Potassium, Copper

Almond milk ∴ Antioxidant, Omega-3 fatty acids, Protein, Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron   

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