Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Quick, Easy, Healthy crape ⁂ wrap 簡単もちもち クレープ ⁂ ラップ

Had a strong craving for a basic basic white crapes, just naughty as possible.... but we don't stock any white flour in our pantry. No butter or cow's milk in the fridge.

Made up this easy, yummy & useful crepe recipe with imagination, craving & all what I had in my pantry. It can be used as a wrap, tacos for sweet or savoury.

When you don't feel like soaking or preparing anything, just want to have a break from raw food, this crepe is awesome ;) It could be healthier or fancier, so enjoy experimenting with all of your favourite ingredients!

For 8 large crapes (thin)

Get your ingredients

✻ 2 cups Spelt flour

✻ 1/4 Arrow roots or Tapioca flour

✻ 2 cups Nut milk, oat or rice milk

✻ 2 Egg (Med size)

✻ a pinch of salt

✻ Coconut oil for cooking in the pan

⁂ Optional
Add cinnamon, Mesquite... etc for sweet version
Add Cumin, Fennel powder... etc for savoury version  

Let's cook

Simply warm up the pan with a teaspoon of coconut oil, make thin crape for wrapping stuff or a bit thicker smaller one for tacos, however you like!

If you got a bit of extra time, leave the dough for 1hr before start cooking to get better consistency.


Sweet version of crepes
Nut butter, cinnamon, cacao nibs & maple syrup with coconut yoghurt on the side.

Savoury vision of crapes
Olive paste, salad, roasted cauliflower & mushrooms with cashew cream

Fish tacos
Cooked fish in spicy tomatoes & capsicum source with guacamole

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